Tuesday, April 08, 2008

how to dispose hazardous waste stored in factories in india.

what a stupid, irresponsible, outrageous question. even a dog will know the answer for this.

just burn it baby,
burn burn the waste,
till all it leaves away,
in the air, in the land,
it gets blown away.

nobody cares,
nobody would know,
how it disappeared.

let the poor villagers,
have some development,
and some color to their lives,
with a little dose of poison.

yep, that is what seems to be happening in india in burning toxic waste from storage facility as shown by cseindia in their webpage. and the worst of it is that the waste site is bidding to get the toxic waste from the bhopal disaster zone.

we need to tell the world about this ultra modern hitech facility of disposing hazardous waste. so that the rest of the world can benefit from the development india is having!!!


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