Tuesday, April 08, 2008

at last a meaningful discussion with respect to olympics torch protests and china's suppressive policy in tibet. ibnlive got it right with its panelists.

this blog has been extremely critical (thank god this blog is not about china!!!) on the way china is conducting itself in tibet. a superpower country in the making cannot act like an afraid thug.

china is a great country. let there be no second thoughts about it. its culture, its tradition, its food, its language - all are thousands and thousands of years old and amazing in its richness.

chinese people are wonderful hardworking and smart people. many of the world best companies are run by chinese. their hard work and their enterprenuship is amazing.

but what is shocking is the fact that the chinese government conducts itself in a hideous, outrageous, alarming and shocking manner when it comes to human rights. it treats its own citizen with suspicion, with cowardice and with brutality. each and every packets is filtered in its routers, search engine companies threatened to open up their search results and email details and with the latest crack down in tibet it shows the chinese government headed by mr.hu jintao is absolutely running scared.

ibnlive summarised it correctly:
China is a great power, its economy impressive, its 1.3 billion people a massive human resource. Now with the Olympic Games China has an opportunity to show that it is a great power in the true sense of the term, by becoming more open and tolerant of dissent and reacting with self assured confidence rather than paranoid crackdowns.

let china open up. let china treats its own people respectfully. let china talk unconditionally to dalai lama. let china open up access to tibet to outside. let china stop ethnic and cultural cleansing in tibet.

we want the greatest sport on earth, the olympics, to be hosted by mighty and compassionate china and not by mighty and brutal chinese government.


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