Tuesday, April 15, 2008

sometimes a simple article can bring forward hundred truths that everybody knows but pretend not to care or not to know.

the article by agricultural scientist mr.k.p.prabhakaran nair is written smoothly but packs a punch of a monster. a monster called "fake policy", a monster called "fake development" and a monster called "take this thousands crore money and be happy you pitiful farmers policy".

when the central government and the care-a-damn-communist state government does not do anything viable but only mouths statements and sleeps the next minute, more places like kuttanad in kerala will become dust bowls consuming poor and marginal farmers along with them.

i have given below several quotes from the amazing article. if only our oxford educated prime minister and america educated finance minister reads it, they can open their closed shut eyes.

"This writer has personally interacted with hundreds of rice farmers of the region who complained that it was impossible to make a profit of even Rs 100 per day from a five-acre rice field."

"It is ironical that when rice sells for Rs 20 plus a kg in the open market in Kerala, a farmer cannot get even 25 per cent from this price-hike for his produce."

"And yet, there is no thought or word in the Union Budget on how India must face the slow but steady change in climate."

"Put another way, do we have a sensible soil conservation/soil management strategy in place so that we could capture all the water and not lose the soil in such aberrant weather situations? Do we have contingency plans in place? It is not only important to predict climate change and detail its consequences but also evolve contingency plans."

with zero policy on agriculture, soil conservation, water bodies preservation, climate change, natural resources protection, our learned prime minister and finance minister are leading us direct into dust bowls. kuttanad is just an example, there are many thousands rice bowls, wheat bowls and agricultural bowls that are being grounded to dust by careless policies of the central and state governments.
(kuttanad, the rice bowl of kerala is fast becoming the dust bowl of kerala. thanks to careless policies of central government and damn-you-farmers state communist government things are looking bleak)


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