Saturday, April 19, 2008

as india 'develops' rapidly, one thing that has been forgotten in lot of areas is safety. safety in anything whether it is a chemical company, or a car manufacturing plant or a sugar plant or even ferrying little kids to school is paramount.

india's record so far in safety component is zero. an absolute zero.

the tragic incident in which 44 little kids were brutally killed in vadadora in gujarat is a gut wrenching example of how safety in india depends on fate and luck. there are no rules, regulations, guidelines, incentives, monitoring, penalities, etc in safe transport of future citizens of india. for no fault of theirs they are pitted against fate everyday in many streets all across india to and from their school route.

there are many things that seperates the 'development', 'progress', 'shining' and 'rising' in india vis-a-vis amongst the many things that seperates india and the rest of the world. one thing that stands out is safety.

safety has no meaning in india's 'growth'. growth itself perhaps has no safety in india.


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