Monday, April 28, 2008

shame beyond words,
shame beyond eyes,
shame beyond human instinct
shame on everybody,

shame on india,
shame on the land of gautama
shame on the glory of mahatma
shame on me,
shame on you,
shame on everybody who is an indian...

the continued detention without trial of dr.binayak sen is a shame without words. anant patwardan, the filmmaker, has written a thought provoking article on dr.binayak sen arrest.

even to put this mildly, india is truly in idi amin territory. no words can describe this shame of arresting a well known health and human rights activist and even worse putting him in continous detention without trial.

as an indian citizen, i am ashamed most today. as a human being i have nowhere to hide. indian government should release dr.binayak sen ASAP without conditions.

1000 criminals can escape but NOT even one innocent should be jailed said arrignar anna. in binayak case we have not arrested one innocent but we have bought the ENTIRE indian human justice system to a grinding halt.

amongst the mineral wealth in chattisgarh and amongst the continuous talk of fake development, this administration (the central government and the one at the state level in chattisgarh) has lost all its moral authority to continue in office by arresting and detaining dr.binayak sen under totally false allegations.


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