Monday, April 21, 2008

the rampant fake development that is being carried over in india has made politicians, policy makers, businessmen, media and the urban elite totally deaf. deaf in the sense that any alternative view will be dismissed as 'anti development'.

in the fight against this fake development, legal recourse (albeit as a last resort) is an important area. now the fake development camp wants to curb this legal recourse also.

now this camp wants to block PILs against big mega ruthless destructive projects. to quote,
"The petition said such PILs resulted in escalation of project cost and cited the case of the Narmada dam, Tehri dam and the Taj Corridor projects which were allegedly delayed due to litigation."

so if it is destructive ruthless projects such as narmada or tehri or athirapally or the numerous north east dams, then people with conscience and people who are affected should step aside so that big business and contractors can make a killing out tribals, environment and the ecosystem.

fake development in india seems to be having no bounds and if this crucial legal recourse is taken away, then truly law will be blind.


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