Monday, April 21, 2008

china finally thanked india. yep. the chinese government thanked india for putting "great efforts" for the olympic torch run in Delhi.

the olympic torch in delhi was virutally a military affair with multiple cordons of security and obviously no damage was done to the flame.

and funnily the chinese government also thanked the "warm support and participation" of indian people for the olympic torch run.

i think the chinese communist-in-facade-capitalist government is mistaken. indian people are never against china as country and the hard working honest warm chinese people as fellow citizens. what indian people should stand up is against the brutality in tibet, the cleansing that is happening tibet and other atrocious human rights behavior of the paranoid chinese government.

whether it is iraq or burma or tibet or jammu & kashmir or gujarat or north east india or chattisgarh or srilanka, wherever human rights violations occur india should express polite but strong disapproval. this is land of mahatma and buddha. this is land of thousand civilisations and ancient cultures and respect for human beings. this is the land in which tibetians, kashmiris, srilankan tamils, bangladeshis all have found refuge and have shared the meagre resources of the land.

the land that gave mahatma and buddha to the world should never turn the other way when it comes to human rights. oil, money, luxury, 'development', etc are definitely important but more super important is respect for human rights and fellow human beings.

the land that never says no to humans should never say no to human rights.


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