Friday, April 25, 2008

i am a huge fan of medha patkar. the lady who bought the attention of the world to the dam madness in narmada and india is a beacon of hope for those who are fighting for just causes.

but of late she is becoming very very strict in her cause i guess. yesterday in athirappilly she had some statements and they are:

a. she wants the kerala CM and senior politician VS to do some soul searching
b. she wants to declare special environment zones in india to protect crucial ecosystems.
c. she wants india to conduct proper environmental impact assessment and public hearings.
d. she wants local people and local tribes to be taken into confidence for destructive projects.

hmmm..medhaji i think you are really serious. if all the above are done then how can fake development continue. how can the relentless pursuit of 10% gdp growth continue. how can the contracts, businessmen and politicians make money, money and more money....

all the above 4 points if ever done in india will be a miracle. a 8th world wonder. in many countries across the world the above 4 points is important (california for instance or say denmark for instance), but in india all above 4 points are non important, non entities and non existent.

when the only purpose is money, money and more money and that too in the backs of the ecosystem and poor, the media, officials, politicians and businessmen all act deaf and dumb.


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