Friday, April 25, 2008

you might have noticed this. you will have a fight with a weaker person (whether it is a friend or a brother or a stranger) and you will hit him/her real hard and they will cry. you will then tell 'cho cho cho..' and hit again and again till they get pummeled into submission.

you win. they lose. you are correct. they are wrong. you are an very educated person. they are stupid. you are all too powerful and all knowing. they are illiterates.

it seems to be the same logic with our industry minister who ministry has pursued the ruthless SEZ, who ministry has no idea on sustainable development and whose only goal is money, money and more money.

no latest pollution control standards being adoped by the industry ministry, small scale industries has been virtually kicked out, pollution chemical and leather hubs being touted as magic, the cruel SEZ being touted as the greatest thing ever happen to india.

after all these beatings, like the stronger person delivers to the other guy, the industry minister says 'cho, cho, cho..' and tells that india is really poor with 300 million poor people and again continues the beating saying that more people should come to industries to work.

has the minister ever known the root cause of poverty. has the minister ever wondered of creating agri zones along with agriculture ministry instead of ruthless SEZ, has the minister ever cared about how massive pollution is destroying rural india and ecosystem, has the industry minister ever visited north east india and other parts where our ecosystem is being torn down in name of massive fake dams.

but the beatings continues and also the 'cho, cho, cho....'


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