Saturday, April 26, 2008

they said it, they are saying now and they will say in the future. but the 'say' thing will never translate into any real action.

that is the talk of development in india and Kalingarayan canal pollution issue in tamilnadu is a classic example of that.

with hundreds of textile and dyeing units making a killing exporting textiles and garments, the Kalingarayan canal gets polluted in a very big way affecting tens of thousands of acres of farmland.

'they' i refer is the tamilnadu pollution control which keeps on posturing but doing nothing to control pollution.

nobody is against tirupur being the textile hub of tamilnadu but that textile hub should not destroy the livelihood of virtually thousands of farmers livelihood.

well, when destruction is another of development in india what can one say?
(file picture from hindu showing the polluted kalingarayan canal in tamilnadu which gives a death blow to cauvery that flow in tamilnadu side.)


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