Saturday, April 26, 2008

gujarat, a great place with great coastal area, is well known for its development agenda. the current government-which is hugely liable and which was never taken to task on gujarat genocide- actively promotes industries of all sort right from chemical hubs to dangerous ship breaking and what not.

one huge casualty on this mindless development is the assault of coastal areas of gujarat. as the story in ibnlive tells us, even big companies with mega multi thousands crore stuff care a damn about people when it comes to their ruthless pursuit of money making.

the company in question in this case is essar. and as per the story is likely doing illegal massive dredging to facilitate movement of their vessels. any dredging activity like this done on massive scale can throw haywire the entire ecology of the region affecting the livelihood of people who depend on activities like fishing.

essar's website says 'a positive a++ttiude'. may we add 'a -ve vision'. oh yeah right, that -ve vision is called development in india.


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