Sunday, May 11, 2008

it has been almost an year after the illegal arrest and detention of well known doctor and an high standing human rights dr.binayak sen. in this sad first anniversary, the land of gautama and mahatma stands ashamed.

the land that orginated non-violence and ahimsa, now scouts places all over the world especially human rights abused places like sudan, burma, etc competing for natural resource to forward 'development' of india and at the same time jailing its illustrious sons like dr.binayak sen. double whammy. don't care about human rights around the world and don't practise inside india also. when fake 'development' is the mantra, all slogas goes to hell.

there are protests going all over the world on this illegal detention of dr.sen inlcuding one in san francisco this week. there is a good website that captures the story of dr.binayak and his illegal arrest.

as part of the protests, an awareness campaign was done in fremont, california pictures of which are below. one thing stand outstanding in dr.binayak illegal detention. india has lost its soul - lock, stock and barrel.

(local awareness campaign in front of namaste plaza, fremont, california. around 200 nri's were reached out to and information about the illegal arrest and detention of dr.sen was conveyed)


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