Wednesday, May 07, 2008

nowadays, state government sitting in headquarters of nice urban areas seems to mandate one thing. the one thing is the development of the state at the cost of local ecology and local livelihood.

the opening of sand mining depot in a village in the banks of tamiraparani river flies in the face of the logic. without even conducting a small eia or getting local public opinon, the tamilnadu state government has given permission to open sand mining depot in a village in the banks of the river.

well, what about the thousands of people who will be screwed up in the village due to indiscriminate sand mining?

what a joke question. let them go to hell. poor marginalised people like them have no place in development of india!!
(people of Suththamalli Village in the banks of river tamiraparani protesting against permission for indiscriminate sand mining. what do they know about development of india huh?)


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