Wednesday, May 07, 2008

n.ram, the chief of the hindu newspaper group is a well known personality. his newspaper amidst the chaos of corporatist media seems to giving very fair balanced positions on several issues.

but on tibet he seems to off target like an arrow that kills the hunter instead of the hunted.

let's see what he told and i quote
Tibet’s all-round development over some years has raised the living standards of its people, which by itself constituted progress in human rights, N. Ram, Editor-in-Chief, The Hindu, said here on Tuesday.
People’s welfare and quality of life are indices to measure human rights too, he said in a lecture at the Beijing Forum on Human Rights.

so, as per mr.ram, if people are given good quality of life mandated by the state, then it is good to go. does not matter if there is zero freedom of speech, does not matter if cultural cleansing is happening, does not matter if the spiritual leader of millions of people has been sacked from the land and made an untouchable, does not matter if monks are fired upon, does not happen if a region is cascaded and locked down from outside world, does not matter.....

taking the same example, as per mr.ram, it is okay if people of tamilnadu is having good quality of life then there is no need for hindu kind of newspaper. why have a newspaper when people are happy?

the bottom line is this: it is state's duty to respect human rights. human rights is not a gift from the state. the state has a constitutional duty in decent nations to respect and adhere to very high standards of human rights.

but this as per mr.ram is secondary since people are already 'made happy' by state gifts.

interesting, i wonder what would the founders of the hindu newspaper group think and tell on this blatantly false and useless talk?
(the stance of hindu and mr.ram is 360 degrees opposite to sanity and strikes at the very foundation of the very newspaper and newsgroup they are heading. as per hindu and ram, 'happiness' in state mandated tibet is good to go rather than genuine human rights for the hapless tibetians. wonder what is the need for newspapers like hindu when 'happiness' and 'wealth' is good to go?)


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