Tuesday, May 13, 2008

in this terrible tragic moment in chinese modern history where more than 10,000 people have been killed and potentially many tens of thousands missing, the world should pause and observe a moment of silence for the death of mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers, friends, collegeues who have died in this terrible tragedy.

the chinese government should spare no effort, in opening the region for full rescue and relief by both chinese and international aid organisations. each and every life that is trapped is so crucial that no ideological moorings is important.

bbc had a piece that showed the difference between how the burmese administration and chinese administration is coping with the disaster.

shame on the burmese generals who treat their own citizens like scum bags. and shame on the american, indian and chinese governments that are only too happy to be in good books of the inhuman burmese generals just for the sake to tap the oil and natural gas out of the country.

in this moment of terrible sorrow for both burma and china, it is super important that we respect human life and take each and every step possible to save every human being possible.

everything else can wait.
(chinese numero uno wen jiabao taking a school child's bag and shows in the earthquake hit south west china. he should stand tall and throw away all silly idealogical moorings and throw open relief and rescue at 1000% speed to take care of each and every human being affected by the earthquake. and he should ruthlessly followup to make sure that earthquake builiding codes are developed and implemented without fail so that future natural disasters can have much lesser impact)


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