Monday, May 12, 2008

it has been a horrific day for people living in central china as an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 stuck Sichuan and nearby areas. Cities as far as Beijing got hit by the earthquake tremors.

in this sad hour, we should stand by the affected chinese people whose hard work has made them rise from abject poverty in last several decades and in this hour, the chinese government should leave no stone unturned to throw open the affected region to immediate medical and food aid.

we have thousand issues with chinese administration but when it comes to common chinese people we have only one thing. and that is love and affection. and in this sad hour we pray to the almighty to bring quick relief to the affected citizens.

may i add one last thing. earthquakes do not kill people. only man made buildings kill. the chinese government should leave no stone unturned to make sure that building standards has to be fully changed to make sure it can satisfy 1000% the earthquake requirements of the areas that has experienced this disaster so that future disasters can be prevented with total confidence.


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