Wednesday, May 14, 2008

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Date: May 14, 2008 9:34 PM
Subject: editorial on dr.sen

dear hindu,
thanks for writing the editorial to release dr.binayak sen ( and also on the continous coverage of the illegal arrest and abusive detention of dr.binayak sen.

the arrest and detention the highly regarded doctor and human rights activist is a huge shame on each and every indian. many incidents such as sikh riots, bhopal gas disaster and the still happening injustice to its victims, babri masjid demolition and the aftermath riots, gujarat 2002 genocide have shaken india at its core and dr.binayak sen case ranks amogst those worst moments.

a nation that originated gautama and mahatma stands in utter shame on the blatant abuse of power by the bjp led chattisgarh government and the deafening silence of the congress led central government.

dr.sen was in no way a naxal and the chattisgarh government is rounding up whoever has opposed salwa judum and also the brutal mining policies of the chattisgarh government.

without wasting a single second, the chattisgarh government should release dr.sen. till then, india has no rights to call itself a democracy.


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