Wednesday, May 21, 2008

mr.jairam ramesh, is a young minister and a well known face of several congress teams. and he is also now a minister of state for power.

what would a young and supposedly dynamic minister do when it comes to the situation pertaining to his ministry. we would assume he would do a full study on the situation with respect to ministry (in this case electricity). things like electricity generation, distribution, infrastructure, renewables, conservation, usage patterns, etc are the things in the realm of analysis.

but what does our young minister do? he jumps on the nuclear bandwagon gleefully. and he tells that to increase 6 times (!!!) the electricity from nuclear plants, we need to sign the indo america nuclear deal asap and get hold of nuclear technology and nuclear fuel.

great. let's do it. let's also kick our environment, our coastal regions and rivers with toxic radiation. let's kick our fishermen on the face where the nuclear power plants will be forced into.

forget about massive solar energy that is possible in india. forget about massive conservation that can be done via tax breaks, awareness, penalties, etc. forget about the massive 30 to 40% transmission and distribution losses.

but remember only one thing. kicking in the stomach and faces of poor coastal people where these monster nuclear power plants will be forced into.

kicking and brutalizing - 2 hallmarks of fake development in india.


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