Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Q: What is the government's stand on Dow Chemicals
investing in India right now ?

Mr. Kamal Nath: Well, the tragedy was in Union Carbide,
and Dow, by integration, inherited Union Carbide.
Dow themselves had no status in this,
so Dow's investment is not affected by that.

- press conference, Washington, DC June 28, 2007

Union commerce minister Kamal Nath on Tuesday strongly opposed forcible acquisition of land for Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in the country.
- Hindu

when a minister can tell dow chemicals is innocent, he can tell anything i guess. by virtue of taking over union carbide, dow also took all the disaster that was permeated by union carbide. dow chemicals is a multi billion dollar corporate entity. it wont take much to be a man and say what happened was a disaster and they regret it and they will take remedial action to make sure all wrongs are corrected.

instead it seems that honorable ministers have become enrolled in dow's rolling calls. shame is the mildest word to think of.

the same minister now says he opposes forcible land acquisitions. hello..... india is a country of buddha and gautama . so no forced land acquisitions please. but little bit of kicking, displacing, spitting and jailing is okay in order to acquire the land. of course, these are not forcible acts. these are just a mother telling her kid to behave. hello... indians are the one who invented non-violence and we, the group of ministers, follow it to the core

of course when you are on the roll of dow chemicals, you can tell anything because you have already stooped so low.

fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me. how about poor indians being fooled everyday?


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