Wednesday, May 21, 2008

the sorry plight of bhopalis brutalized by the bhopal gas disaster continues. dow chemicals, which has taken over union carbide is washing off its hands from the biggest industrial in india is gleefully being welcomed by several state governments whereas the victims of the gas disaster is begging for justice.

and our honorable prime minister is happy meeting with big industries folks at any time, has not got even a single second to meet the bhopal gas victims who have walked several kilometers to remind the prime minister of his unfulfilled promises even as simple as the one's like giving potable drinking water.

well, mr prime minster, how low can india go. in binayak sen episode, in farmer suicides, in bhopal injustice, in brutal SEZ's, in the fake indo-america nuclear deal, the bar is set lower and lower and lower.

when it comes to development, the bar needs to be lowered so low that everything else can look much higher.


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