Monday, May 26, 2008

as the bhopal protesters continue their dharna in new delhi, the prime minister office and the prime minster himself is busy deep asleep.

asleep over the injustice that is still not corrected to the gas disaster victims, asleep and signing welcome letters to dow chemicals, asleep and happy on the fake development that is happening in india.

as nity writes, the cause of bhopalis is much bigger than bhopal. it is super high time our sleepy prime minister takes notice.

this past 5 years of this government has been nothing short of a disaster. a clueless finance minister who was busy chasing 10% gdp growth that benefits only a narrow section of urban elite, an agriculture minister who chases cricket matches and a sleepy prime minister who has no clue on what's happening.

all 3 have one in common. that is to talk endlessly about 'development'. oh yeah, development for the rich and destruction for everybody else.


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