Friday, May 23, 2008

posco mining issue in orissa illustrates how rotten the concept of development that is happening in india.

stab in the chest,
stab in the stomach,
stab in the face,
stab each and every body part

kick in the head,
punch in the face,
spit on the woman,
thrown them in the dust,

we need their land,
we need their fields,
we need the iron ore,
through blood and gore

care we not,
of the poor peasants,
damn they can go
we need development.

madhumitta dutta has a brilliant article on the posco situation in downtoearth. it causes me to throw up on reading articles like this which hits at the very root of basic human rights and environmental rights.

well, it is india, money can buy anything. and the same money can stab and kick too with such ease you would think that stabbing and kicking is part of normal day to day life!!!!


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