Wednesday, May 28, 2008

as india gallops towards growth, in our finance minster word 'wealth creation', it seems to have conveniently forgotten about 'health creation'.

as per lancet, the uk based medical journal and i quote from the report, "According to data analysed in the series, over 51 per cent of children in India under five are stunted. This is a third (34 per cent) of the global total of stunted children. Anaemia affects 79 per cent of children in the lowest economic strata and 64 per cent in the better-off families."

vow. that is development indeed. when children go hungry, when tribals gets smashed, when rivers and ecosystems gets murdered and when wealth is created - all these are indeed development.

the word 'social policies' has indeed become a bad word for government as government itself is increasingly in the rolls of corporates. so instead of 'constitutional duties', the elected law makers seems to be more interested in 'corporate duties'.

next time when you tell india is developing, you might want to tell 'india is developing without the 51% of india's children'. well 51% is not a big number. 90% we will be alarmed. 51% is good to go!!!


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