Monday, June 02, 2008

abhishek behl leads the tourism operators for tigers india program. he has very good piece in tehelka on sustainable tourism and how toft works. in his 2 para's he sums it up.

India has some of the world’s most staggering and beautiful wildlife. It harbours 15 different species of wild cats and over 1,200 species of birds. The Indian peninsula, housing one of the richest diversities of life forms on earth, is a veritable Eden. Today, it is under siege like never before and yet, remarkably, it survives in all its diverse forms — from the high mountains of the Himalayas to the rich tropical forests of the Western Ghats; from the deserts of Thar to the cloud forests and swamps of Eastern India and the Sal and teak forests of Central India.

Wildlife tourism brings millions of dollars of revenue for the Indian travel industry and yet, only a tiny, negligible fraction is reinvested in conserving the very parks visitors plan to visit. So, the next time you take a safari, do make sure that your choices have been responsible and that they benefit the destination that you have enjoyed visiting.

india's forest and wildlife wealth can be used as a sustainable way in generating employment for its many million who live in and near forest areas. instead indian government is busy mining and destroying its wealth. not only as tourism sources, india's forests are major source for majority of rivers of india. with even a short sighted vision this is very visble.

but in name of fake development, we have a blind vision. anything like this will be useless for policy and law makers. show them a huge digger or bulldozer and they eyes glow in smile. for they know the contractors and mining companies are coming with boat loads of cash asking for permission to destroy in name of fake development.


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