Thursday, June 05, 2008

as the ill planned and destructive athirappilly hydel dam gets relentlessly pushed by kerala government, what arundathi roy remarks in the proposed dam site is very apt.

“When agitators get tired, they (authorities) revive projects. Nothing should stop you from preventing the Athirappilly project.”

lie, lie and lie
till its enough
in the face

hit, hit and hit
till the last
blood drips

fool, fool and fool
till everybody is made
into a fool

blame, blame and blame
everything on those who
talk sane.

the ideas, as arundathi points out, is to make you really tired by talking again and again about fake development and pushing the destructive projects through various means including illegal and forceful means.

when it comes to money involved in these kinds of projects important things such as ecology, people's livelihood, wildlife and forest laws, tribal rights are smashed to dust. that is development that is happening in india.


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