Thursday, June 05, 2008

aha, there you go. finally after getting hit in the stomach due to continuous and willful ignoring of inflation, our honorable prime minster talks sense. common sense that is.

“I urge every citizen to conserve energy at every step, every minute of the day.”

that's right minister. any country that depends on oil for its development will bite its dust as oil prices surge beyond limits due to supply crunch (apart from speculation).

i think you are the leader of india. so why urge. why not demand? why not lead? why not pass laws that rewards conservation and penalizes waste? why not push public transport in massive way? why not tax single passenger car occupants on congested roads? why not have bus only roads/lanes in congested cities of india? why not make solar mandatory for upper middle income families in cities of india? why not demand all government building should have strong green building codes? why not...

dear prime minister, you have been very late in urging. in fact you are so asleep by the rhymes of fake development you cannot see that you are the leader of india who has take care of india's marginalized and india's fragile ecosystem on which depend hundreds of million of poor indians who are not visible to your eyes or your urging.


At 11:05 PM , Anonymous roopa said...

THe SHeila Dixit govt passed ordres for solar BIll boards and street lights in 2004 following Andhra's success with solar.HOw far were they implemented needs research.


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