Monday, June 09, 2008

business standard ran a series of articles on the dam slam of north east. you can find it here on dibang project and here on the damn dam projects of arunachal pradesh and here on lower subansiri project.

for several decades, north east india was mostly not-in-india, but way and behold, indian policy makers found a 'jewel' in north east india in name of hydro power and now they are pushing all means to bring the 'jewel' to india.

i guess the not-in-india people would have loved to stay so but unfortunately we need 'development'. don't ask what that means in this case where traditional communities are being uprooted, huge ecosystems torn down, environmental impact assessment faked and many other irregularities perpetuated.

oh yeah, all we need is development.


At 11:00 PM , Anonymous roopa said...

TRue, THe NE ners were treated as some sort of outsiders with their yellowish skin and short heights by the remaining Northerners.THey have all along been marginalised in the State grants and deveploment demands etc.WIll have to paste your comments to enviro indian groups. Hope its OK. In yr name of course!!


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