Thursday, June 19, 2008

john mccain, is an ultimate war hero. as a prisoner of war and highly decorated war hero of vietnam war, few politician can have such a stellar background.

but john mccain is now john mcsame. under assault from obama's change rhetoric that has captured americans from all walks of life, john mccain takes the route of mcsame and wants offshore drilling.

offshore drilling in california and florida especially will screw up the pristine coasts that are so crucial to wildlife and tourism and on top of that the oil from the coasts will barely be able to feed the american oil addiction.

we need truth. we need honesty and we need a leader who can tell in your face that you are oil addicted and so face the high price of oil. if you want to avoid oil, demand public transport, take public transport, car pool, cut your 100 mile weekends every week and live within your oil budget.

but john mcsame seems to have morped into a typical indian politician. politician who change colors as and when they want and talk the false talk whenever they want.

we want the war hero john mccain and not the bush twin john mcsame.


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