Sunday, June 15, 2008

kerala, as we know, is called god's own country. with its amazing culture, its rich arts background, its famous temples, mosques and churches and its lovely beaches and the amazing (but abused) western ghats forests - kerala has it all.

of course kerala has some more things too. it has the notorious endosulfan pollution and deaths in kasargode, it has the proposed abusive athirapilly hydel dam in chalakudy river, it has the dam mongers threatening to mow down silent valley national forests and it has got the crowning jewel of them all in eloor.

a beautiful island close to the nearest city of cochin, this island could have given a run for the money for an excellent tourist spot in which the majestic periyar river and the arabian sea giving its magic touch. but this island of eloor is giving its own residents, many tens of thousands, a run for their lives.

tehelka has a story on the harmful factory run by our very own government of india (hindustan insecticides limited - hil) which manufactures the harmful ddt chemical that has been banned in almost all developed countries.

when we cook in our homes, we worry about the cost of the produce, the time it is taking to cook, the next hotel to go on the weekend, etc. but when somebody cooks in eloor, they worry about deadly pollution.

I DON’T MAKE my omelette from local eggs as they smell of pesticide,” says carpenter TV Gireesh as he stands outside India’s only DDT-manufacturing factory.

nice isn't it?


At 6:14 AM , Blogger Satya said...

The tragedy of Kerala relates to product abuse, and not to pollution by Endosulfan. Endosulfan is an important agricultural input, and is used successfully by over 10 million farmers every year in India alone.

At 9:49 PM , Anonymous green_thoughts said...

i think you are wrong satya.

endosulfan is banned totally in america and many states even have stringent pesticide norms.

endosulfan is not needed for agriculture as there are several ways like organic farming, non pesticide management, other less harmful chemicals etc.

and the endosulfan industry still ignores the disaster in padre, kerala. what else to say.


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