Saturday, June 28, 2008

yee hoo sailor,
cast your oar afar
let the ship
travel straight super

yee hoo captain,
we got a problem,
for in the recent storms
all the sailors goners

when oil has shot up, inflation before and after climbing up uncontrollably, an administration that is focused on manaic growth for the rich and maniac destruction for the marginalised and ecosystem acts like the captain of the ship that has been torn apart in storms.

while launching the solar lantern project our honorable prime minister says
"The Prime Minister asked Minister for New and Renewable Energy Vilas Muttemwar to come forward with a comprehensive action plan for new and renewable energy development in consultation with State governments."

well, dear oxford educated reformist prime minister. we got a problem houston. this renewable policy should have come years ahead, this renewable policy should have propelled india like a leader in solar/wind like germany/spain, this renewable should have been give maniac push just like the push being given for the deadly nuclear energy.

well captain, the ship is in a wreck now with rich people alone surviving the titanic. how steerth we forward?


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