Friday, July 04, 2008

in india, they used to say, "science is dead, scientists are doing great". now we can add a line, "science and tigers are dead, scientists are doing great".

with fancy 'science' project going all around the place and india even lacks basic mechanisms to predict weather, cyclones, tidal waves, tsnumais, with india almost dependent entirely on foreign companies for r&d related drug product, and ranging from snow boots to army tanks india importing everything - the face of r&d and science looks way way bleak.

but you know when it comes to 'science', india is proud to tell they are really doing good. now indian government is proposing a project called "India-based Neutrino Observatory" very near mudumalai national forests in nilgris biosphere in tamilnadu.

as the article in the link tells clearly, this project that is being hushed into will destroy a very critical forest area and a vital tiger habitat.

hey, what are you talking man, we need 'development' and we need 'science'. tigers? well, they can live in zoo i guess!!!!


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