Monday, June 30, 2008

there was a real funny comment by our opposition leader and veteran politician l.k.advani. i quote
"Hailing Naveen Patnaik as an honest chief minister, BJP leader L K Advani on Sunday said the BJD supremo's honesty is the biggest asset to the party and role model for politicians of the country."

of course the orissa chief minister is a veteran politician and a re-elected chief minister. but beyond that if you dig deep, you will have a government that has pretty much sold of orissa to mining companies lock stock and barrel.

from outskirts of orissa to central orissa, most of the projects that is being proposed is not only huge polluting but also virtual destroyer of natural resources and loot of tribals.

from niyamgiri hills being partitioned off to the UK based industrial group, to the hirakud dam being siphoned off to industries to kalinganagar disaster - this government has done it all.

and the sad truth is it also gets 'a biggest asset' from a national leader. of course if given a chance mr.l.k.advaniji will also called the gujarat chief minister the greatest human rights activist of india.


At 9:30 PM , Blogger banbasi said...

Navin Patnaik's honesty and dedication is really benefitting the Tatas, Birlas & Aggarwals. But do the people of Orissa have an alternate? Congress is worse as it has introduced neo-liberal policies. Moreover Congress breeds goondas like none other and it is a well known fact that the industrial, mining & shipping mafia was strongly backed by Congress during JB Patnaik's tenure as CM. The mining mafia of Orissa is ultimately backed by Congress' Niranjan Patnaik. Of course BJD is no less with Prafula Ghadei and Bijayant Panda representing two sides of mining mafia. All the villains of Orissa like the uncrowned king of Orissa'a underowrld Mahima Mishra, real estate bullies like Piyush Mohanty, corrupt bureaucrats like Priyabrata Patnaik - all have been promoted by Congress and now even BJP BJD is supporting them... So be it Navin or JB/ BJP-BJD or Cong the fate of Orissa seems sealed...


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