Saturday, July 05, 2008

as oil prices shoot up, america is feeling the pinch as the oil guzzling country that has 5% of world population sucks dry close to 17 to 19 million barrel of the 85 million of oil per day.

of that 17 to 19 million barrel a good amount of the oil comes from niger delta, one of the most polluted parts on earth (of course given stiff competition by several locations in India) as per the 2006 world wildlife fund.

in his book, "curse of the black gold" by photo journalist ed kash, he probes this nasty side of the oil that runs the suv's, luxury vehicles, planes and other types of transportation in america and around the world.

when you pump the oil at the pump, don't alone think of your wallet. also think of the nasty pollution, human rights abuse, war lordism, brutal governance by nigeria authorities also. for then, you will start slowly to make a switch to public transport, smaller cars, hybirds and gradually to total gas (petrol) aversion.


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