Saturday, July 12, 2008

this blog has repeatedly pointed out the fake development that is happening in india. in india's rural areas, forests, rivers, coastal areas and other vital eco systems, huge unprecedented abuse is happening in name of 'development'.

sunita narain's latest editorial "stink of india's steel frame", captures this horror. india's poor rich industries are thriving at a HUGE cost to india's tribals and ecosystem. quoting from the editorial,

This is the cheap and dirty industrialisation model that we love to thrive upon. In this case, nobody can argue that this industry is poor, small and desperate and so environmental regulations will cost. In this case, industry is highly lucrative; it involves the biggest names in corporate India. But still, as environmental standards would raise costs of production, why bother. After all, the affected villagers are voiceless. They will never make it to page 3 as steel barons will and do, day after day. All I can say is that India’s steel frame stinks.

in past 5 years, the amount of abuse in name of development is huge, so huge that indepedent india has never been assaulted so that rich get richer and poor gets slammed.

welcome to modern india. where 'don't ask, don't tell' is the mantra.


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