Thursday, July 10, 2008

i want to highlight some of the comments of atomic energy commission chairman, honorable Dr Anil Kakodkar here and with my comments inline.

“History will not forgive us” if this is not done now, the AEC Chief said, without naming the deal.
the chief seems to have gotten emotional forgetting the fact that nuclear energy, the manna from heaven, just gives 3000 mw or so in present 100K mw of india. this is just 3%. so there is no past history to talk about for sure!!!!!

“If India is unable to import nuclear reactors or nuclear fuel under international cooperation it must necessarily go for the import of coal to the tune of 1.6 billion tonnes in 2050 alone, unless solar capacity grows at even large levels.” Subjecting a large country to the vagaries of such large coal imports on a regular basis would have shocking economic effects, he said.

why is the chief talking about coal. why not,
a. go for solar power like florida and california is doing for large scale power plants
b. why not make green buildings MANDATORY for government offices, software companies, residential apartments and homes
c. why not make solar water heaters MANDATORY for all urban area provided a scale of economy is reached in the family
d. what about cutting the transmision and distribution loss which ranges a whoppping 30% or so out of 100k mw produced
e. what about fine tuning the massive network of hydel plants that stands on abused rivers
f. what about wind power, a hugely neglected area getting step motherly treatment.

India has one of the largest and best-quality reserves of thorium. Indian atomic scientists want to introduce thorium-based fuel in their FBRs — but this needs plutonium to kick-start the fission. Research is on to use thorium without uranium. Development of thorium-based reactors has been put on high priority.
ya. we all dream of thorium right. and like the tejas aircraft and arjun tank, thorium will be delivered one fine morning.

At the same time, DAE was “leaving no stone unturned” to find new uranium deposits — such as its efforts in Cuddapah basin, Mahadek basin in Meghalaya, the New Delhi fold belt, and in Rajasthan and Haryana. Construction of a 500-MWe prototype FBR was in full swing and its economics were being improved.
that's right. this is development of india. let's do mining in cuddapah, megahalaya amidst severe protest and pollute it dangerously like jadugoda.

mr.chief, we have no history to speak of and we have no facts to back also. in this mania called india america nuclear deal, all basic parameters of sustainable development has been thrown to hell and our future history will be zero as we embark on a fantasy called the india america nuclear deal.


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