Saturday, July 12, 2008

loot, kill, murder, displace, hit in the stomach - these can be the some of the correct terms that define the fake development in india.

kill - ya we in india like this. when somebody questions corruption, questions pollution, questions fake environmental impact assessment, this methodology in the land of gandhiji, is an often used tool.

2 ground level champions of rural poor were given this gift. when lalit mehta was killed, it was not just killing.

His mutilated body and a belt around his neck suggested he was strangled and his face smashed to deform it beyond recognition. The police buried the body as unidentified the same day. It was later exhumed by his colleagues and taken to his native village, where his last rites were performed.

mutilation - that is what happened to lalit mehta and that is what happening india's poor, tribals and vital ecosystem in name of fake development.


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