Wednesday, July 16, 2008

if you see the nike soccer ad that is very famous in youtube, an european player (for a team playing against devils) will have a remark. that remark is

"may be they are friendly".

to which the other player will have a curious and amused look.

from the emerging leader and potential future prime minister rahul gandhi, it looks like we have to give a curious look to him on his india america nuclear deal enthusiasm.

how else could we see his gung ho remarks that is not based on even 1% facts but 100% slogannering.

may be he is priming himself to take over the prime minister-ship sooner than latter and is driving with the india america nuclear team.

but let me tell you one thing. nuclear power is definitely not a friendly or an easy power. there are thousands of questions right from ecology to safety to waste management to capabilities, etc and it is simply not a manna from heaven.

well, we have to give rahulji the curious looks anyways for his nuclear enthusiasm.


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