Sunday, July 13, 2008

as the india america nuclear deal escalates into a political gamesmanship, the crucial issue of nuclear power sustainability and its impact on india's fragile ecosystem per se has been ignored.

this blog has highlighted india's abysmal management of pollution and india's track record in uranium mining in jadugoda in orissa has been a huge shocker for a land that prides itself as the land of buddha and gandhi.

and the industry is obviously elated as they can rake in the moolah in name of building dangerous toxic nuclear power plants.

there is a fantastic article and that too by a industry insider (former europe director of cii) in hindu. i was pleasantly surprised on how the article analyzed the situation in europe and urging india to consider the dangers of nuclear power, the manna from heaven!!!

this blog has severely opposed india america nuclear deal on couple of major factors namely,
* india's track record in managing even basic industrial pollution is abysmal.
* india's track record in uranium mining has been absymal
* india's building of dirty coal power plants itself comes admist severe opposition in many coastal areas and building tens and tens of nuclear power plants will sure invite huge protests
* india's 3000 mw (this is 3% of total electricity of india) at present from nuclear power shows clearly there is NO expertise to fall back on, even if india america nuclear deal comes through.
* india's grid has been badly mutilated with 30% t&d losses and this nuclear power also will be wasting this way unless there is a huge effort to cut down t&d losses to low single digits
* india's solution not lies in following the western model of spend more and more but rather than in preserving ecology and making sure hundreds of millions of rural poor can lead a sustainable lives thereby india's cities and urban areas can lead sustainable lives. this nuclear power plants will act one more straw on camel's back brutalizing our ecosystems.

kudo's to mr.mohan murthi on a very balance article that tells india to pause before commiting a massive leap. a leap so big in terms of finance, in terms of impact on eco system, in terms of national security, that any other country will shudder to do it at one swipe as indian government is planning.


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