Friday, August 08, 2008

thy name is progress?
thy name is development?
thy name is growth?


thy name is pollution,
thy name is destruction,
thy name is SEZ,
thy name is disaster,
thy name is death.

this story in tumkur district of karnataka shows how screwed up india's fake development path is. it has bought pollution, destruction of water sources, death to human being via poisoning of their health and their livelihood.

Kamalamma, 32, showed her hand covered with black dots because of acute allergy to dust. Yashodamma, another resident, said that it was no longer possible to cultivate land because dust covered everything and there was neither rain nor water left in borewells.

who cares about kamalamma and yashodamma. we are more interested in kareena and bipasha. ain't it!!! and in our utter ignorance and carelessness thrives the fake foundation for development that is brining death to our rural people and the enrivonrment in which they depend on.


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