Friday, July 18, 2008

as india's mindless mining development continues, the niyamgiri hills in orissa which is under brutal assault from proposed mining from vedanta plc, shows you the classic example of how fake india's development is coming at the cost of ecosystems and tribals.

bbc has a story here.

and there is a funny line from the chief operating officer of vedanta. i quote,
"The only problem is they haven't been developed, once we start exploiting these ores, the day is not far away when we will see the same development in Orissa as we see in Australia."

oh yeah right baby. australia? huh? they told the same thing in tuticorin when the same group started operations and on which there are huge allegations. they told the same thing when their group company is merry polluting cauvery in mettur. many of their counterpart industries have been telling 'next america', 'next sweden' to india's middle class for a long time.

but 'next australia'. we like it. don't we? as the tribals and ecosystem rot in hell, we can create our own little australia's in our own little residential communities in the urban areas where the benefits of this development will finally reach.


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