Friday, July 18, 2008

i want to tell some basic things here okay.

1. the prime minister of india has been elected by people of india and as per the constitution of india has every duty to satisfy the basic needs of the people.
2. to serve and to protect is the paramount duty of the prime minister of india.
3. to work for the upliftment of the most weak and marginalized communities of india, is one of the main tasks for electing such a high post leader.

well, for past several weeks, the bhopalis who have been affected by pollution will laugh if you tell the above to them. the prime minister has not even come to meet them for a few minutes inspite of huge struggle by the bhopalis who are in hunger strike in delhi.

but our prime minister in a drop of the hat had huge time to meet the head of reliance industries, who came to the prime minister office due to the sudden proximity his brother got due to the changing political alliance in delhi for india america nuclear bhai bhai deal.

as for the bhopalis, who have suffered the world's deadliest industrial pollution and are STILL not compensated? let them rot in hell. india needs development. ain't it.


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