Sunday, August 10, 2008

there we go again. as human race, we are more interested in 'rapid action', 'land sovernigty', 'superiority', etc rather than blood and life.

russia - georgia conflict has at minimum taken 2000 lives. innocent mothers, sisters, brothers, kids, men and women - gone in a second by massive bombing by russia.

without going into who is right and who is wrong between russia and georgia, it would seem common sense for both russia and georgia to talked out the issue first before raising the fist. the lives lost are not of the presidents, prime ministers, officers, etc but of innocent people.

shame on entire humanity on this conflict, a totally unwanted and unneeded one.

somebody said,
how many more people have to die,
to tell that lot of people have died.

how much more blood has to flow,
to tell that lot of blood has flown.

how many more women and children have to die,
to tell that precious human lives are getting thrashed.

how many mouths will have to keep quiet,
to tell that entire humanity is dead.


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