Friday, August 15, 2008

way to go california. way to go arnold. way to go the california electricity utility pg&e. bravo california, bravo.

today pg&e announced a huge 800 mw deal to power electricity from solar. this is huge. pge&e has been mandated to procure upto 20% of its electricity from renewables and this utility scale version from sunpower (250mw out of total 800mw) is a huge thing for pv based solar electricity generation.

as the sunpower official tells,
But the SunPower deal, where electricity is generated using silicon-based photo-voltaic solar modules, will "probably have people falling off their chairs from Osaka to Madrid," said Julie Blunden, a SunPower vice president. That's because many still think photo-voltaic systems are only suitable for homes and businesses, she said.

from osaka to madrid, people will notice this huge 250mw deal probably the biggest in the entire world for pv based solar electricity generation. you can also catchup with sunpower ceo interview here.

it is super duper HIGH time that india noticies this also. the potential in a sun soaked country like india is HUGE for solar power. instead of champioining coal based and going to great extent for deadly nuclear power plants, it is high time india shows its leadership to match california in sustainable electricity generation.

(sunpower plant in portugal powering 11mw. plants like this are highly needed in india to generate solar based electricity thereby sparing india from polluting coal power and deadly nuclear power. it is time india bypasses the fed government of america and talks directly with leaders like california on knowledge sharing and partnership for sustainable electricity generation. we do not need india america bhai bhai, but we need india california bhai bhai)


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