Sunday, August 17, 2008

our honorable prime minister has got really funny. well, i am serious when it tell this. let's see couple of comments from prime minister in an event in new new delhi last week.

from our prime minister,
"What we are trying to do in government is to give concrete shape to those ideas of what I would call 'growth with a human face' or 'growth with social justice'," Singh said.

These ideas and ideals had inspired our national movement, and they continue to inspire those of us who occupy the “center” space in Indian politics, and walk the “Middle Path” on social, political and economic issues.’

India stands as a shining example of a poor country seeking its economic and social salvation within the framework of a liberal and secular democracy."

growth with human face?
where in niyamgiri? in posco issue? in naramada dam issue? in still fighting bhopalis saga? in one of the biggest and massive scam and abuse in independent india in name of SEZ's? in the suicide of lakhs of farmers for past several years? where is the human face. all that is present is abusive face of the government machinery pushing 'growth' for the rich and 'death' for the marginalised.

growth with social justice?
in allowing dow chemicals to come happy to india without taking them to task for the union carbide disaster in bhopal? in allowing massive dams in north east under most fake environmental impact assessment (eia's)? in sleeping for full 5 years when agricultural sector got devastated? in caring a hoot on the situation of tribals and forests for past several years?

india standing as a shining example of 'poor' country seeking solution via the framework of democracy?
shining example in crushing the struggles against ill fated dams, mining projects and polluting factories? shining example in hitting rural farmers in the stomach when land grabbing in name of SEZ's? packing off taslima nasreen to europe in the dark of the night afraid of vote banks? in proposing various legislation's that hit the foundation of environmental laws of india?

well, i told you. our prime minister has become more humours these days.


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