Sunday, August 17, 2008

let's see how a 'project' and the ground level 'reality' are so different in india.

first the project:
tamilnadu's local administration minister unveils common effulent treatment plant (cetp) to process the mega effluents coming out of tanniers in trichy district. and the cetp side is telling that
'effluents have come down 1/3rd'!!!!

now the ground level reality:
I am of the firm view that either the individual or the cetps will not be able to treat the effluents that contain more than 275 toxic chemicals—acids, nitrates, chromium, dyes, common and chemical salts. This project is an eyewash and a colossal waste of public money.

The effluents are responsible for the destruction of hundreds of hectares of fertile farmland and several waterborne diseases for over two decades.

now you know the actual situation right. a project for the sake of the project. the ground level story the same as before. with hundreds of tanneries using old production techniques, using mostly illeterate labourers working under hazardous conditions and an industry which has destryoed vast amounts of agricultural land doing an eyewash in launching this cetp just to take care of some procedural things.

in reality, the government should have cracked down on these tanneries, securing the future of thousands of farming families who depend on ground water and local rivers which have been abused by pollution and also giving alternative livelihoods on a well planned manner to the illeterate labourers of the tanneries.

but the government went by old playbook. which is to fool all the people all the time in all the places.


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