Tuesday, August 26, 2008

one small foot note in india's great progress so far. yet another farmer committed suicide last week.

if somebody is reacting to this news, how will that reaction be?

an ipod wielding city youth: so what dude, many lakhs farmers have committed suicide, tell me something new. is rajini's latest film hit or flop? huh?

honorable finance minister who comes from the farm belt of tamilnadu: well, we have given 50,000 crore rupees and not even one single farmer should commit suicide. infact we do not recall any major incidents of suicides since we are always giving cash whenever agriculture sector is under distress.

honorable cricket minister who is also incidentally agriculture minister: as far as i know, these incidents are not happening. infact when i was speaking with sachin tendulkar on his elbow issue yesterday evening, he also did not tell me anything about farmer suicide's.

honorable prime minister: well, we have a super efficient harvard educated finance minister and a very rural politician as agriculture minister. if they are convinced farmer suicide is not a major issue, chalta hai yaar. i do not have time for all small small things. i need to call bush and thank him again for upcoming nuclear fuel supply.

indian media: actually sir, if kareena kappor had reported any farmer suicides we would prompt coverage. or atleast dhoni should say it. we cannot be covering non-news nah!


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