Saturday, August 23, 2008

for people wondering the upfront costs and viability of solar power in their residences, they better read mercury news story.

With the PPA, Bunyard and Pambianco paid about $17,000 to SunRun — or $30,000 less than the original installation estimate from installer REC Solar.

Before going solar, McConkie said he was paying about $258 a month for electricity. This summer, his bills have dropped to $20 or $30 a month.

with novel ways like power purchase agreement and tax credits, huge amounts of savings can be done on upfront installation and also whopping savings in monthly basis (with the feeding of solar power back to the grid).

san franscisco bay area is a leader in innovation and in having solar power companies and in solar power installations they are setting a fierce pace for the rest of the world that is acting blind.

in india solar power potential is HUGE to say the least. if only politicians, policy makers, urbanities wake up and realise its potential, the change it can bring in india will also be HUGE in terms of saving our ecosystem from deadly nuclear and polluting coal power apart from huge unsustainable dams on already abused rivers.


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