Wednesday, October 15, 2008

as orissa burnt due to communal violence and dastardly attacks on churches and christians continued, our america returned chief minister was busy fiddling the violin.

but when it comes to being in the pocket books of industries, he seems to be much more alert as his state police arrested the anti posco protest leader abhay sahu.

and posco india managing director seems to be a really funny guy.
At an international seminar on steel-making this year, Posco India managing director Soung Sik Cho said people needed to open their eyes to the possibilities the steel plant could offer them.

he is right. mining in jagatsinghpur will bring,
* displacement
* air, water and ground pollution
* begging in the streets of
* loss of land including fertile agricultural land

well, in india, all of the above is called 'development'. development for the rich and destruction for the poor.


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