Sunday, November 30, 2008

as the great city of mumbai stands stabbed and bleeding by dastardly terrorists attacks, 2 articles caught the outrage. they are here and here.

disgrace of the cm - that's summaries the anger aptly. the entire mahastra machinery led by its impotent chief minister and careless home minister stands naked in this brazen assault on the maximum city.

Even CM Vilasrao Deshmukh was not spared: ‘‘Please, please use all the might of the media, if any, to ensure this disgrace of a CM is booted out by tomorrow.’’ The presence of filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma and other hanger-ons in Deshmukh’s entourage which visited the Taj hotel on Sunday has also come under severe criticism. ‘‘They have turned this tragedy into terror tourism,’’ said an onlooker. Pune-based sports shop owner Sundeep Grover is livid, describing Patil’s comment as ‘‘ridiculous’’.

and gaurav karla hits in the nail in his ibnlive blog as
Instead, it has them by the balls and is making them scream. Shobha De says enough is enough. Well Miss De enough; was enough long before the peace of South Mumbai as shattered. It was enough when bombs went off in hospitals in Ahmedabad, it was enough when in busy markets in Delhi, Diwali shopping turned into a gory dance of death.

this terror is new and it looks just a start. the terror planners were very clear on what they wanted. they had following key objectives.

1. hold the maximum city to ransom for several days.
2. put india to shame.
3. terrorise locals.
4. hit the vital (and elite) section of mumbai so that nobody feels safe.
5. target innocent americans, britons and israelis, so that these vital population feels unsecure about india and hence hitting mumbai's business and india's confidence.

as the impotent indian politicians whimper and whine on the attacks, the terror sponsors will be gleefully celebrating this masscare and getting ready for more.

and in india they practise today what they might be implmenting in other parts of the world tomorrow. as far as indian politicians are concerned, they were impotent before terrorists stuck, will be impotent during the terror attacks and will be impotent after these attacks. sorry to say this, "this is india, where nothing matters. not even a massive terror attacks".


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