Sunday, November 30, 2008

as we all recoile from the dastardly attacks in the maximum city of mumbai, one cannot but help to wonder how many times we have taken the 'chalta hai' attitude.

chalta hai when it comes to repeated bomb blasts
chalta hai when it comes to absolute zero security plans
chalta hai when a main govt minister delivered notorious dangerous terrorists after a hijack attempt
chalta hai when hundreds of crores is being spent on black cat cover for even the grandson of the congress president but zero protectino of our borders.
chalta hai when it comes to the lies of politicians

the terror head of departments across the border should be laughing at our chalta hai attitude and of course planning the next attack.

so in this tragedy here is what the politicians will be thinking as they believe strongly in our chalta hai attitude.

chief minister vilasrao deshmukh: damn, these terrorists will depress the real estate price of mumbai. damn it. i have invested so much efforts into converting police into brokers for me, my family and friends and damn it, these terrorists have reduced the value of real estate in mumbai which is already under pressure due to the stupid bankers of america. damn it. c'mon mumabi. let it go. let's revive the spirit of mumbai. huh? i already took ram gopal vermaji and my actor son for a tour to the devastated place and as my home minister said these small things happen-ji. so let's revive the same spirit of mumbaikars and get back to work huh?

prime minister oxfordian clueless singh: well, in oxford we call this as economic theory of disturbance. sometimes when external events like this happens, well, there will be a small disturbance. but india will be strong enough to raise as the next financial tiger. i am going to send our home minister who has so far presided of around 10 terrorists attacks and has resolutely faced every one of those.

young non-dashing invisible son rahulji: i would like to stand by my elders, prime minister cluelessji, home minister repeated terrorist attack withstander patilji are all doing a great job. we have faced several attacks and will face several further but let me tell you our government will not be bowed by these kind of silly acts!!!

shiv sena riot thackery: damn it, let's invade every country in our neighborhood. it is a pity that mumbai ruled by north indians, have no clue. damn it, we got to raid every country in the world for this. let us call georige porgie bushie asap and take action. now which country do we attack? meanwhile let me attack mumbai with another round of riots so that i can give an all clear.

seriously guys, if this was america, these guys will never ever be in power again for their life. the home minister is simply a DISASTER, the prime minster a CLUELESS WONDER and the maharastra government a walking dead body.

mumbai is a goner. a city only can take so much. but mumbai has been taking a lot of shit. its police has been communalised, criminalized, abused, ineffective and useless and mainly have become brokers for clinching real estate, settling politicial scores, keeping tab on opposition politicians, etc

it is no surprise mumbai is getting hit like this. if it is chennai or hyderabad, the people will react with extreme anger against politicians and hence politicians are atleast teeny tiny bit careful in letting police do basic jobs. in mumbai police have become jokers and have been made useless for anything.

and next time, it wont be small. all our vital installations like airports, aircraft bases, nuclear power plants all are vulnerable as the security in these places are surely thin.

god alone can save mumbai and india from these useless politicians and ruthless terrorists.


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